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Women in Hollywood?

Hollywood...An “old boys’ club,” as suggested in UCLA’s 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report: Flipping the Script. Among the findings: An overwhelming majority of film studio heads were white males, and the same was true for senior management. These networks typically wield influence and power to help others like them. People not like them must find a way to get around a barrier to advancement opportunities, but the barrier never goes away.  - HUFFPOST

The numbers are staggering: Of the top 250 films of 2017, 88% had no female directors, according to the most recent “Celluloid Ceiling” report from San Diego State University. What’s more, 83% of the films had no female writers, and 96% had no female cinematographers. According to earlier versions of the survey, more than 90 percent of major studio films have no female assistants on set, including gaffers, key grips, or supervising sound editors.  -THE ATLANTIC

Prof. Martha Lauzen of San Diego State University reports that in 2014, 95 percent of cinematographers, 89 percent of screenwriters, 82 percent of editors, 81 percent of executive producers and 77 percent of producers were men.

From 2010 and 2013 demographics, just 23% of films had a girl or woman as a main character. 

These numbers aren't changing...HERE'S AN UPDATE FOR 2018:

On the top 100 grossing films of 2018, women represented:

  • 4% of directors

  • 15% of writers

  • 3% of cinematographers

  • 18% of producers

  • 18% of executive producers

  • 14% of editors

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