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genre:  comedy

The Girls 6.png

THEY WON'T HIRE US follows FOUR unique young women  (of numerous races)  who’ve experienced success as an all-women crew in film school.  Now, on the eve of graduating, they feel their talent, drive, and momentum will springboard them into an career in Hollywood.  However, not only is landing a creative job in Hollywood extremely difficult, they are indeed women – to which the glaring oppression and blatant oversight of job selection in this field is a reality that is quickly confirmed.  


Two years pass, and we re-visit our now dispirited girls in their dead-end jobs.  Their fire for filmmaking has all but deceased until a degrading encounter with a known celebrity sparks the female film army to gather their forces and plan a new strategy.  Their strategy?  Basically anything that would help fund their calling card to the business, that being…shooting their feature film.  After realizing all their available avenues are dead-ends, they run into a (legal) marijuana delivery man who discloses a way for them to make quick money.  Is it an illegal proposition?  Yes.  Will it help them get funding for their feature film?  Absolutely.  Their decision isn’t easy, but it feels like an opportunity that can’t be passed up.  Our girls then take their fate into their own hands and embark on a dangerous and wild quest that quickly turns into a runaway heist - in hopes to ultimately create a movie that will get Hollywood's attention.

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