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  talent strategy:  the asks are minimal...  

With our desired budget in mind, we strategically have written supporting roles that don’t span for an extended amount of shooting days.  Most of these supporting roles have a 2-to-4 day ask, so it makes it easier to book names, more desirable to talent and representatives, as well as cheaper for the production.  And lastly,...this strategy obviously helps with distribution.

    casting: imagination templates


The Nemesis

Ronny Wizzerski

a.k.a. the Scientologist, a.k.a. the "Wisserd of Oz."  Our nemesis might be "born-again" in his new faith, but still a drug-lord, nonetheless.  His unique and almost feminine demeanor might make him less than your stereotypical nemesis, but cross him - and his violent past may quickly resurface.

3-day ask
trash man.jpg

The Dealer

Nack Berns

When you risk it all, your destined come face-to-face with crazy and dangerous characters, and just that.  Ruthless, sexist, and nothing to lose - Nack cares about two things: selling product...and, eliminating anyone who stands in his way.  Any encounter with Nack will not end well.

3-day ask
Andy Garcia.jpg

The Celebrity

Andy Garcia

The established star.  The icon.  Andy Garcia plays Andy Garcia  (...or any celebrity that we acquire).  He may not know it, but Andy Garcia serves as the indirect and emotional spark that gets our female film crew to risk it all.

1-day ask

lead characters    

The Director

Maxine "Max" Garcia

This troubleshooting Latin-American rallies and coordinates our female film crew with her motivational speeches, leadership, and enthusiasm.  With her first-hand knowledge of the oppression of woman and film and lack of equal opportunities, she's the group leader who has inspired this female film army to not settle for Hollywood's current standards.


Latin girl.png

The Talent

Jules Hoover

Stereotypical actress whose reality is a tad skewed & arrogant, but she’s just the amount of “reckless” this team needs.  Her decision-making process always seems to be stemmed from mirroring mainstream films or "actors research" which can make for a collective 'eye-roll.'  However, this unique and hilarious character gives THEY WON'T HIRE US the spark and comedic relief our audience will remember and love.

Talent girl.png

The Sound Girl

Jazz Thomas

This sassy and talented African-American is quick-witted, smart, and down-right gritty.  She gets her toughness and common sense from her experiences growing up in a bad neighborhood.  Jazz provides the hilarious commentary and snap-insults, while pointing out the obvious - and the ridiculous - to every situation.  You walk into danger, it's probably good to have her by your side.


Sound girl.png

The DP

Ruth  Maryweather

Detailed oriented and risk averse, Ruth has issues coming out of her shell if a plan isn’t well thought out.  She's the voice of concern and fear to every encounter, and dry and dull in her humor.  If it were up to Ruth, she'd leave the battle to be fought by others 'cause she's done the risk assessments in her head already - and steering away from a clear and prepared path?  It just ain't worth it. 

DP girl.png


Manny script 2.jpg

Manny Rodriguez, JR

Writer / Director

After writing the script and organizing the game-plan for THEY WON'T HIRE US, Manny's more prepared than ever coming off the successes of Butterfly Caught.



Jane Doe

Director of Photography

This will be filled by a talented female


Lisa Rodriguez


Lisa brings her experiences from acting, casting, and producing Butterfly Caught – also, being a big part in the structuring of THEY WON'T HIRE US from its inception.


Jane Doe

Line Producer

This will be filled by a talented female

Maria MArill 2.jpg

Maria Marill


As EVP of Production Services for Sony Pictures for decades, Maria brings a wealth of experience and resources that will benefit any production.


Jane Doe


This will be filled by a talented female


directors bio

Writer, producer and director Manny Rodriguez Jr made his film debut with the award-winning feature film BUTTERFLY CAUGHT.  After receiving a film degree from Cal State University Northridge, (and over 17 years of work in the studio system), Rodriguez grew tired of waiting for his opportunity.  He quickly established Heckfire Films, consolidated his filmmaking resources, and began producing. Rodriguez has achieved great recognition and accolades for his recent film. He was the recipient for the “Chris Brinker Award” for Best New Filmmaker at Variety’s Night of the Stars Tribute at the San Diego International Film Festival.  Also, understanding what he has available at his fingertips, he’s built this script around the locations and assets that will spike the production value.



why this story?

Writer / Director statement:

People have asked me, "why have you chosen this story for your next project?"  My reason is simple.  Not only is this story a hilarious, fast-paced, and stylistic ride -- but I also want to make a statement to the undeniable historical (and current) climate of industry jobs for women in Hollywood.  I interviewed a female studio executive recently and she shamefully admitted that their studio had 15-films slated last year and the amount of important creative [departmental jobs] given to women was "only three."  She said that with disgust.  THEY WON'T HIRE US -- shines a light on this problem, but does it through comedy, uniqueness, and style.  Did I mention that its crazy storyline is also based on a true scenario?

To expand on that, back in 2002 -- I was fresh out of film school working a low position on a popular game show.  I made friends with one of the producers and we shared a drink after one of the tapings at a local dive-bar.  Once we broke the ice, he realized my ambitions to break into the business and my drive to find the resources to help me achieve that.  Once the drinks took their effect, he got comfortable enough to propose a scenario for me to achieve funding for my feature film.  I was all ears, excited for any opportunity.  However, to my surprise, there was a twist.  His proposition was completely zany and illegal in nature, but -- it indeed was a path to quick cash.  I didn't execute the proposal, but -- I'd be lying if I told you my head wasn't spinning for the next few weeks thinking, "what if?"

Now, let's meld these two stories together.  


Coming off of our recent successes from Butterfly Caught -- [a female-driven story which follows three aspiring actresses], I quickly realized the power and interest from audiences during our amazing festival run.  It resonated so much with aspiring actors.  Women thanked my wife and I for telling a story [about women] that was so timely and relevant.  To a lot of them, it was their story.  It got us thinking..."why not make another statement exposing the issues and oppression of women in film?"  Think about many women cinematographers can you name off the top of your head?  It's a problem, right?  I wanted to form a story around this subject, but I didn't want to be too preachy.  And, I still desired to knock audiences socks off and entertain.  Then, I remembered that strange day back in 2002 -- and it was obvious.  What if the ladies of our story CAN'T find industry jobs, so they decide to take on this illegal scenario?

THEY WON'T HIRE US -- makes a statement.  Young women will gravitate to its message and the stance it takes against their lack of opportunities in this business,...or in any business for that matter.  This film will capture and feed our young generation of women with its revolutionary consciousness, but also entertain other generations and the other half of the gender population.

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